Web Development

•Live Websites

Websites currently viewable online developed in HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript.

Athene.com: Web development for my most recent contracting. In addition to content management on the IBM Websphere CMS, I created the Site map and forms pages, inserting custom markup into the CMS.

Sculpturesbyjohnbrommel.com: Home page of Des Moines' premiere metal sculptor. Based on printed materials designed by Jason Brommel.

Bobrobot.com: Short-notice creation for the popular open-source 3D-printable robot created by Kevin Biagini. Site was developed the weekend of Maker 2013 by popular request.

Jasonscotthoffman.com: Home page for my digital fine art and web experimentation. Features completely separate responsive design.

Drupal Sites

•Archived Websites

Websites I developed that are now only viewable because I saved the files and host them on my personal site now.

LSWproductions.com: An interim HTML version of the LS&W Website. (Content limited for storage capacity.)

EastVillageArtart.com: The website for what was at the time Des Moines' most active visual arts group. I acted as webmaster/developer and sat on the board of directors.