A selection of various interactive and animated content generated in Adobe Flash and ActionScript 2. Even though most of the internet is now oriented towards interaction and animation based in HTML 5 and CSS3 in order to accomodate responsive design, Shockwave media remains a powerful means of generating dynamic content for all manner of digital end media. (Note-these will not be viewable on Apple iOS devices such as an iPad or iPhone.)

•Vernon project A completely novel proof-of-concept keyword-searchable image-enabled sales tool database developed for a Newton, IA ASI company. The selection of products included is limited as it was created for demonstration purposes, so try search words like "cotton," "award," "box," "color" and "golf." Enter Keyword then hit return or click the red magnifying glass buttont hen click on the text that shows up in the "Matches for" window to see the result information for each match.

•Vernon Introduction 1 Opening animation for above project.

•Vernon Introduction 2 Alternative opening animation for above project.

•Magic 8-Ball Shockwave version of the classic prognostication toy. Type your question and click on the "Ask the 8 Ball" button.

Photo and Retouching Portfolios

These are also featured in the "Photography" and "Production Art" sections of this portfolio, but they were developed in Flash and demonstrate some interesting abilities of ActionScript.

•Photo Portfolio A selection of my work as a commercial photographer based loosely on the Apple OS X "Dock" navigation principal

•Gallery-Style Portfolio A more innovative (and often buggy, depending on the viewing system) presentation of commercial photography that lets you navigate through a virtual art gallery in a 3-D space.

•Photoshop Portfolio A series of "before-and-after" photographs with explanations of what was done in each.