Des Moines Arts Festival

It has been my pleasure to act as a technical consultant to the Des Moines Art Center andthe Des Moines Downtown Events Group since 2007. In this capacity, I have supported thepublic participation art projects by generating the chip guides and manuals needed to instructthe popular mosaic murals created by visitors to the event. This was an automated process that I created myself, using a scripting coded application that I wrote from scratch, Photoshop and InDesign. Find linked a variety of related media:

•Irises/Starry Night A high-resolution photo of the final results of the first year's effort.

•Des Moines Register Coverage Scans of what Iowa's Number One news source had to say the first year.

•Rob Reeves "Des Moines Skyline" The production manual for the 2009 project which used as its basis a painting by my good friend Rob Reeves.

•Abigail Cooper Mural The production manual for the latest variation on the project. This year rather than a billboard, a section of the Des Moines Skywalk system was used as the substrate for the public art project.