-1988: Began Photographic training under Rick Baker at Valley High School, learned that a photograph is not necessarily a record of the "real" or "true." Exposed to multiple-negative printing techniques of Uelsman and Mutter. Did first artistic photographs.

-1993: Internship at American Media Incorporated. Learned Set Building, lighting, and other skills which would eventually prove invaluable as an artist.

-1994: Graduated from Iowa State University with a BS in Electronic Media Studies and Economics, took job at American Media Incorporated.

-1995: Left American Media, worked as assistant to Scott Little at Primary Image Photography, who shot for Meredith Publications on a freelance basis at the time. Learned the techniques of controlled photography as opposed to "found" or photojournalistic.

-1997: Took full time postition as Photographer at Bruce Wagman Photography, Inc. located at the Maytag Corporation's headquarters in Newton, Iowa. Demonstrated an aptitude and enthusiasm for the new medium of digital photography on Iowa's first real High-Resolution digital capture system (a Megavision T2.) Became primary digital shooter and retoucher, supplying images to the Maytag Corporation family of companies.

-2001: Joined LS&W Productions as Photographer and Production Artist, supplying art content to Wal-Mart Private Label clients such as BH&G, Intex, and Springs as well as The Sports Authority and Gemco.

-2005: Began exploring Digital Photography, Photo Manipulation and Pigment Giclée Printing as fine art. Joined EVAC. Spent a year in Chicago shooting for Paradise Photographic and ETM Studios, serving clients such as Universal Office Supplies, Staples, Berkline and DMI.

-2006: Returned to Des Moines and LS&W Productions. Took over as EVAC Webmaster.

-Present: Continuing work in fine arts, judging photography shows, displaying work in Des Moines Galleries and shows.

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