As far as where my music is going, I'm always trying to hear something new.
-Miles Davis

Artist's Statement:

I am compelled to create works reflecting internal visions the effects of which are personally visceral. While I do make use of allusion and homage in some pieces, in general there is no secret language to decode and no personal mythology to unravel. The images I select for creation are important to me because each has a unique integrity despite that the elements and relationships represented in them may not contain a transmittable or translatable symbolism. My intention is for the works to convey a mystery that doesn't demand to be understood.

I am not technically a surrealist, yet my images are illiteral-new realities that never existed except in my mind's eye, realized through the use of multiple photographic captures and temporal sculpture blended into worlds that can't quite be, but are.

The Prints:

The era of pigment giclee prints has brought us many blessings-for example, longevity of the preserved image, lower cost of production and an infinitely lower ecological impact. However, the "digital darkroom" experience lacks the non-visual sensory aspects of the traditional darkroom-the smells of the chemicals, the tingle of stop-bath on the fingers and most importantly, the necessity of touching the print. Missing this level of contact with my prints (and wishing to extend the life of each print further even than the Epson Archival Inksets are projected to be,) I began experimenting with hand-finishing of each edition print using a UVA/B Acrylic protectant. As a result, each print differs slightly, and I am granted the slightly fetishist pleasure of contact with each and every print I create for display and sale. To my delight, the gloss finish and brush accents often result in an effect of perceived depth, especially in very chiaroscuro works. Lately this practice of brushing is something I've only applied to color, using the smoother roller technique on the Black and White prints. Unfortunately, this is not something which can be experienced via electronic viewing of the works. While I hope that the bulk of the visual impact of each work is in the idea the work explores and displays, this practice serves to remind us that there is value to the individual physical piece.

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